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C&WM and how we could help you

“The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia is not a group that most people would associate with conservation, however, their expert skills have been integral to the success of Operation Bounceback in South Australia's Flinders Ranges.”

C&WM members are passionate about preserving Australia’s natural heritage, and have been actively involved in controlling feral and pest animals since 1992. Through this role we have provided land managers with the assistance of accredited volunteers to help achieve sustainable land-use and improve protection of habitat and threatened species under their stewardship.

C&WM undertakes field activities in conjunction with government departments, non-government organisations, private landholders and universities. We offer land managers an efficient, reliable, species-specific and free option through providing accredited and experienced C&WM members to control feral and pest animals. While our main focus is feral and pest animal control using ground shooting, members are also involved in wildlife monitoring, collection of research samples and participating in working-bees.

Animals in South Australia that have a negative impact upon agriculture and the environment can be targeted, these include:
  • rabbits, hares, feral: goats, pigs, deer, donkeys, horses and camels
  • feral cats, foxes and wild dogs
  • feral and pest birds
  • native species that are having a negative impact, such as kangaroos, when destruction permits have been obtained.
Through participating in endorsed activities our accredited members are covered by $20M public liability insurance.

Please contact us to find out how we may be able to help you and our environment.