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Considering Joining? Learn What's Involved With Becoming A Member
We welcome new members to our club. We recognise the passion and commitment it takes to pursue our hobby of hunting and conservation and encourage like minded individuals to become a part of our club community. 
This page outlines the steps to becoming a full and active member at our club as well as the minimum requirements to join and equipment requirements. 

Pre Joining Requirements


SSAA National Membership

It is a requirement for CWM SA Members to be a member of the Sporting Shooters' Association of Australia (SSAA). CWM is a branch of SSAA (SA) and national SSAA membership covers insurance needs for field activities. 

Hunting Permit

A South Australian Hunting Permit from the Department for Environment and Water is not strictly a requirement to hold prior to joining CWM SA however it is a requirement for field activities.

Firearms Licence

We expect our members to already have their firearms licence and applications to join may be rejected if a prospective member doesn't hold this licence already.
Follow these steps to get your firearms licence: 
Complete your Firearms Licence Application (SAPOL form PD303) and submit it through your local police station or participating Australia Post office.  They will send it to SAPOL Firearms Branch for assessment of your eligibility to hold a firearms licence and further processing. 
When you receive your approval letter from SAPOL Firearms Branch advising you are eligible for training you will then need to complete the Firearms Safety Course through TAFE SA. 
Once the course is completed you will receive a further letter to go to a Service SA or Australia Post to have your licence photo taken and finalise the licence application process.

Equipment Considerations

At CWM we take safety very seriously. Because our work is done in remote locations we need to consider this when planning the right equipment to get us home every time. 

5 Watt Radio

It is imperative that all members have their own handheld UHF CB 5 Watt radio. There are many makes and models to fit budgets and personal preferences. 

Handheld GPS

A handheld GPS is a requirement for every field member to have. When working with teams in a certain area we must ensure we are staying to our allocated maps to ensure there is no chance of crossing into another team's area. 
Suggestion: Garmin Rino 650/750 handles BOTH 5W Radio and GPS requirements and is used by many of our members. 


We do not supply club firearms.You will need to acquire your own rifle of an appropriate calibre. As a general rule for most of our activities .243 / 6 mm is the minimum calibre required, and is also the minimum calibre required to pass the practical assessment. 
If you are purchasing directly from a firearms dealer they will supply you with the Application for a Permit to Acquire a Firearm (SAPOL form PD306), which will be assessed by SAPOL Firearms Branch. Your first firearm purchase will typically take 28 days to assess. If you are purchasing from another licenced firearms owner you will need to submit the firearms details to the SAPOL Firearms Branch yourself using the Application for a Permit to Acquire a Firearm form, which can be submitted at your local police station. 

First Aid Kits

It is imperative that all members have first aid kits and know how to use them. We highly encourage all members to attend first aid training. It is ideal to have a smaller first aid kit in your day bag and an additional more comprehensive kit in you vehicle. 

CWM Fees:

$100 new member joining fee (includes initial training; paid once and in addition to annual membership fee)
$100 annual membership fee (pro-rata by quarter of year for new members)


The Path To Becoming a CWM Full Member

  1. SSAA (SA) Conservation and Wildlife Management accreditation (including category AB(12) firearms licence endorsement)
  2. Complete 12 months as probationary member (at least three field activities, with positive mentor reports)
  3. Full membership
  4. Specialised training and assessments (optional)
  5. Team Leader (optional)
  6. Activity Coordinator (optional)

Not all members are required to become Team Leaders, Activity Coordinators or Council Members, but we encourage you to learn and grow within the club as much as possible.


Acquiring SSAA (SA) Conservation and Wildlife Management Accreditation and Firearms Licence Endorsement


Field Operative Course

This is your first step to getting out in the field. The CWM Field Operative Course is a one-day theory course (including an assessment) conducted by our Training Team.  Participants learn about how we operate as a team in the field, keeping each other safe and enjoying each field activity. This course only happens 2-3 times per year.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Field Operative Courses

Practical Firearms Assessment
Once you have signed-up for the theory course you can complete the practical assessment component. You can do this at any SSAA range under the supervision of a SSAA Range Officer who can sign-off on your assessment. 
This includes shooting an a SSAA 200 m field rifle target at a distance of 100 m and from the standing-unsupported position. The minimum calibre for the assessment is (centrefire) .243 / 6 mm. Safe firearms handling is also assessed. Generally you will do this with our guidance at one our club range days held at either the SSAA Monarto Shooting Complex or NESSCI Range. 

Upcoming CWM Range Days
Upcoming CWM Range Days


With these two assessments completed the Secretary (or Assistant Secretary) will issue your Certificate of Training (SAPOL form PD314), which you will then need to submit (with fee payable) to SAPOL Firearms Branch along with an Application for Variation of Licence Categories (PD307).  Your reissued licence card will be endorsed with "AB(12) Wildlife Management SSAA C&WM" (meaning you are licenced for SSAA (SA) CWM-related use of Category A and B firearms per Licence Category 12 under SA legislation).


Now that you are ready for the field you will be mentored for the first three activities by an experienced full member. It is your responsibility to download and take a blank Mentor Field Activity Report with you on these activities. The form is available in the Getting Started Documents on the Documents Page. After each activity ask your mentor to fill this in for you and then submit according to instructions on the form. Probation lasts a minimum of 12 months.  Probation 1, 2 and 3 are awarded based on mentor reports in the affirmative.  Full membership is acquired when Probation 1, 2 and 3 have been attained and 12 months has elapsed since your SSAA (SA) Conservation and Wildlife Management accreditation.


Full Member

As a full member you are encourage to be as active as work and family commitments permit. We try to arrange many opportunities for all our members to take part in throughout each calendar year. Keep an eye on the Events Calendar and register early for activities that most appeal to you. 


Specialised Training & Assessment Courses

Spotlight Accreditation

This is a required assessment for any activities that involve spotlighting. Check out the Events Calendar for the next assessment date. 

Team Leader

To become a Team Leader you will need to be a full member first and submit your application for consideration by Council before you do the Team Leader Training Course. This application form is available in the Documents Page.


Activity Coordinator

To become an Activity Coordinator you will be required to have completed the Team Leader course and submit a further application to Council for consideration to be an Activity Coordinator.