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C&WM was established (1992) specifically to meet a growing need to assist with feral animal control. We have dedicated trained and accredited volunteers willing and able to deliver free on-ground feral and pest animal control programs.

Membership of C&WM is only open to current financial members of the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA), requiring an undertaking to behave responsibly and ethically, and to comply with requirements for legal and safe ownership and use of firearms. Through participating in endorsed activities our accredited members are covered by $20M public liability insurance.

C&WM membership requirements and training are specialised. Activities are undertaken in a variety of areas, often remote and rugged, and to participate in field activities members must successfully complete:

Theory course covering:
  • Safety
  • Ground-shooting ethics and legislative considerations
  • Responsibilities to landowners
  • Principles and approaches to wildlife management
  • Bushcraft
  • First aid
  • Trip planning
  • Map reading and navigation
  • Field communication
  • Marksmanship assessment involving a practical field-shooting test (standing unsupported, from 100 m) and demonstration of safe firearm handling.
Subsequent granting of full membership requires satisfactory performance at field activities under a mentoring process over a probationary period of at least 12 months. C&WM has safely and effectively contributed to the objectives of a diverse range of South Australian land managers over many years. This has been achieved through a clear understanding of managers’ requirements and undertaking activities in accordance with our strict procedures and guidelines. Each activity is preceded by a briefing to ensure participants are familiar with key information and to undertake procedural checks. A debriefing occurs on completion and a summary report is subsequently prepared and distributed, including copies to land managers.