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Core Skills

As an active member of the Conservation & Wildlife Management Branch they will have passed their accreditation requirement and will have skills in:
  • Hunters’ Responsibilities,
  • Basic Safety Rules,
  • Hunting Ethics,
  • Hunting Laws,
  • Responsibilities to Landowners,
  • Responsibilities to Yourself,
  • Field Firearm Safety,
  • Principles of Wildlife Management,
  • Wildlife Management Tools,
  • Bushcraft and First Aid,
  • Planning a Trip,
  • Communications,
  • Map Reading and Navigation Systems and Practice.

Additional Formal Skills

Each active member may also, from time to time, has opportunities to undertake other specific formal skill training including any of the following:
  • Senior First Aid
  • Agricultural Explosives (particularly aiding in the destruction of rabbit warrens)
  • Advanced 4WD driving course (recognised by the NPWS)
  • Use of GPS in navigation
  • Wildlife monitoring techniques

Informal training

Through club activities, members will also have access to an incredible diversity and wealth of knowledge from the 300 or so members of our organisation.

There are people with years and years of accumulated knowledge willing to help out or give advice: in bushcraft, hunting skills, knowledge about specific target species, firearm maintenance, reloading ammunition, bush cooking, game meat preparation, advanced navigation skills, practical shooting skill in rifle and shotgun (competition champions amongst them), 4WD skills, camping product knowledge - the list goes on.

This wealth of information, as well as the formal training, have created a well trained and skilled group of volunteers able to respond to any of the situations they may encounter on the variety of projects undertaken - responsibly, safely and successfully.